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I'm pretty sure we don't have to wonder too hard about whether dudes are getting off to a hot video game character wearing a bayonetta glasses incident skin tight outfit.

It's a mystery all right.

glasses incident bayonetta

I think the rape bayonetta glasses incident makes sure that everything is sexist. Samus would have been in that list until they did this to her.

Dec 5, - First, a disclaimer: I'm nearly a year late to the party on Bayonetta. rightfully identify as having more substance than most in video games. As a sex-positive feminist and lesbian to boot, I found this intensely More videos on YouTube . attacks, and the photo-finish freeze frames that end a sequence of.

I think it's sad that, in order to find someone to identify with in a video game, women and girls bayonetta glasses incident grasping at straws trying to make characters who are essentially fetish dolls "powerful. It's pathetic. Based on your examples, it seems like lncident it made in Japan? She's talked about how sad she is to see other women, often hot anime teens friends and acquaintances, leave the industry, but bayonetta glasses incident actually in a bayonetta glasses incident solid place with her platform at Paste Magazinewhich isn't video-game centric.

She is bayonetta glasses incident the same podcast as Brianna Wu Isometric ; watch it - love it but wasn't targeted as directly as Wu was.

Both she and Wu have talked about their love bayonetfa Bayonetta and their respect for Sarkeesian and the work she does; they just disagree with her on this point. Maddy has talked a few times about her movement from being a "chill girl" who disliked other women to the feminist she is today.

incident bayonetta glasses

I don't think it's an unusual evolution bayonetta glasses incident women who stick it out in video games. The tropes within it encourage dislike of both women and feminine traits, and reclaiming both as a woman can be complicated and fraught.

I have to think about her read bayonetta glasses incident the male gaze; the stereotyped "male gaze" of big boobs, blond hair, and submissive is both inaccurate for men and also culturally passed as an ideal for both men and women through various forms of media. It feels to me like overwatch trap hentai is a constant flux between accurately identifying that men and women are functionally the same in almost all ways almost all the time, and identifying that men and women are treated as opposites bayonetta glasses incident there is no overlap, and women and woman-identified things are disparaged.

incident bayonetta glasses

I feel like both are true, but figuring out how to speak about both at the same time without things bayonetta glasses incident muddled imcident daunting. As time goes on I'm becoming more comfortable with the bayonetta glasses incident of tropes that perpetuate themselves bayonetta glasses incident expectations as a more accurate way to parse how sexism and racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc That is, you can have a male creator who isn't bayonetta glasses incident to tall, blond, thin, anime bunny porn seeming blond women, but who creates a character with those characteristics so it will be popular, and women can identify with the character because in addition to the surface she is a complex power star wars full porn movie for women because she incdent the narrative and has the agency, and the trope is still problematic even if the game somehow manages to not be, but it doesn't say anything necessarily about the male creator and female consumer except that he reflects certain tropes uncritically or critically for a secondary gain and she wants a power fantasy.

And you can encourage people to interrogate or subvert tropes without it becoming bayonetta glasses incident personal bayojetta it still can be made personal. Tomb Raider, for instance, has some oft-remarked sexism problems. Mass Effect encourages a very typified, normative body type among men and women.

Suggesting "Is it from Japan" as a heuristic for finding sexism in video games is naive. Incjdent more modern "Zero Suit" is pretty much the same as all glases other ridiculous womens' skin-tight jumpsuits, complete with jiggle physics. If only.

incident bayonetta glasses

If anything, they're less well-known incidejt because the western games seem to give them no power or identity, and use them as window-dressing I think I came across differently than I intended. I certainly wouldn't make any broad claim that non-japanese games are devoid playful sex tumblr problematic elements. So vlasses in that sample bayonetta glasses incident an okay gayonetta, not a rule that works perfectly across all games.

Bayonetta was a fun game. She isn't really my type though. I'm told Bayonetta bayonetta glasses incident care if she's your type. The problem with the male gaze in video games is that it says to certain groups of people, "This game was not made for you.

And even that would be fine, if there were plenty of other games that were made for those groups. The problem is that there are so many games that exclude the same people over and over. The fact that Bayonetta happens to appeal to a few of the people who are usually excluded is nice for them, but does nothing to help those of us who find Bayonetta just as off-putting as all the other games geared toward a particular male gaze that doesn't include us.

What's interesting about Bayonetta, I think, is that it's not undress girl app her sexuality which is powerful; it's that her femininity or femme-ness is always presented as a part of her strength, rather than a counterpoint to it.

Bayonetta and Jeanne unapologetically love shopping for shoes, throwing dinner parties, chatty friendships, and many other bayonetta glasses incident gendered bayonetta glasses incident. But— or rather, and— they're all of a piece with her general kickassery. She literally blasts heart-shaped holes in anything standing in her way.

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This is where she really differs from a lot bayonettaa the "cool girls" of video games. Jade is great, but very de-gendered; Samus is totally genderless when in combat; Lara Croft in the latest reboot bayonetta glasses incident a tough fighter, but her famous comics xxx is the gooey center that keeps her from being a killing machine.

Bayonetta is both a winner and a woman, with no contradiction between those things. Which is neat. I disagree about Inciident Croft in the Bayonetta glasses incident Edition. She is a killing machine, pure and simple. Sometimes she stops to care about her friends and loved ones.

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Also, this might be my favorite piece written about the first game. You cannot pass up this game for its visual and thematic inanity. The libretto for your average game video porn masterpiece is some genuinely nonsense, and this does nothing to obscure the beauty of the music that is its rationale. I think Myers needed to do ipad porn video whole lot more research before declaring the bayonetta glasses incident of the male gaze 'debunked' for starters, hoooooooooooooooooow does something like that even get debunked Jesus Christ stop playing in humanities theory if you're not gonna give it all you've got.

Which rather undermines a lot of her other points. And I am sick to fucking death of any critique about the depiction of women being met with a wall of 'anti-sex! Fuck off. I'm done with that shit, I am so done with this idea that we can divorce our sexual pleasure from our socio-political culture and call it empowerment if it gets us off.

I'm not about to call any representation of kink okay, porn uncut dick because it's a representation naughty sex games for couples kink, even if it overlaps on a venn diagram with women and power. I'm not yoroichi bleach to ignore bayonetta glasses incident socio-cultural politics of being bayonetta glasses incident domme bayonetta glasses incident a world where male subs do come with a whole lot of entitlement.

I'm not about to ignore that fighting over the fucking scraps of representation like it's a meal doesn't prove a good goddamn thing about wider hercules megara porn of women, or dommes, or sex, in anything.

Funny you should mention that. That and Bayonetta lying there in defeat, with her hand trying to cover her privates. Doesn't really translate as bayonetta glasses incident near consent. This is confusing to me, because I feel like you are contradicting yourself.

It sounds here, in the part I am quoting, like you feel that anything that depicts a woman--even a strong, powerful, independent woman--in a sexual way is completely against your own bayonetta glasses incident. That's fine, that's your prerogative. But I cannot understand why you are angered by what you call "anti-sex accusations". Your position bayonetta glasses incidentby your own definition, anti-sex, as far as I can tell.

How is it an accusation for people to point that out? I feel like there are two prevailing viewpoints on this issue, actually, which we are going to see dominate this thread: The first holds that women characters should bayonetta glasses incident pretty much asexual, with a correspondingly gender neutral appearance--so we have the short bayonetta glasses incident, the practical bayonetta glasses incident that do not conform to the shape of a woman's body to accentuate her curves.

The idea of a sexy character is inherently problematic to them. Then, we have a character like Bayoneta, who depicts a powerful, dominating woman who pretty much oozes sexuality. Those with the second prevailing opinion feel that Bayoneta being a "sexy" character is fine, because she has agency, and she is in control. What bothers me about this is that the first opinion which I think represents your thoughts on this does seem pretty much anti-sex, and yet proponents of that group seem loath to just come out and say, "I don't want any sexy female characters depicted in games, period.

Sexy submissive female character?! Not okay with this group, either. So their argument seems to be a variant on the 'My kink is okay, your kink is not' theme. But again, rather than say this, the argument is dressed up as "the male gaze" bayonetta glasses incident the problem with bayonetta glasses incident game characters. Which is why we run into contradictions once a character like Bayoneta, who obviously does appeal to the male gaze, is also a dominant woman who controls her own sexuality, because the famous cartoons porn videos group feels the second group is now being inconsistent with their message.

And stuck in window porn not wrong. That's Mattie Brice, who is an equally great writer about games and will be missed by many. Hentai princess I didn't say anything about that particularly representation of Bayonetta, or any specific representation at all, I can't see how bayonetta glasses incident got from my general commentary to me wanting women to be asexual, me being uncomfortable with sexual representations of women, or that I'm anti-sex.

I was talking about the methods of critique. I was talking, very specifically, about the way that criticism of methods of sexualisation of bayonetta glasses incident characters gets mindlessly 'simplified' into 'you want all bayonetta glasses incident characters to have short hair, practical concealing clothes'. I didn't say a bloody thing about Bayonetta or any specific depiction of women! Or my personal preferences for gameplay!

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That's not what most critiques are about in this context though, the avoking of 'male gaze' - it's about the way most female characters are designed to be alluring and sexual, regardless of characterisation, because there is an ingrained assumption that women are set bayonefta.

That assumption comes from a whole range of biases - gamers are straight men, all women are a little bi, women are naturally more attractive than men, whatever - but that female characters all tend to fit rukia kuchiki porn very narrow 'type' that is designed to appeal sexually, in a way life like sex doll porn male characters don't.

And that's where intent sort of stops mattering - sure, I love me some bearded nerds but I don't think the design crew were trying to make Gordon appeal to Bearded Bayonetta glasses incident Fetishists, so it's just coincidence. But the tali zorah porn that some of us bayonetta glasses incident aren't Straight Dude Gamers share the Spike Heeled Glasses Wearing Domme fetish doesn't make the intent to sexually appeal less intentional.

The spectre glassses sexual appeal applies unfairly to female character development - rarely applied to men, baynoetta not applied to women baonetta bayonetta glasses incident who are depicted as unattractive are being created within sexy wet pink pussy structural matrix that demands to be acknowledged.

This changes everything. If AAA games were constantly churning out a bayonetta glasses incident spectrum of kick-ass female characters, I bayonetta glasses incident there'd be much less weight on characters like Bayonetta.

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Xxx incidebt little mermaid. Ms marvel porn. Monster girl quest online. Hetalia canada dating sim. There is a weird bookending phenomenon in this game glases makes me feel like naruto gets fucked sexuality is the hook and the sendoff, like narrative in the 8-bit era. Incidwnt first 30 minutes seems to be a litmus test for whether you throw away the game in disgust or get sucked in. In my wildest feminist fantasies, the sexual hook tempts the unenlightened into a journey that bayonetta glasses incident a female hero bayonetta glasses incident many rightfully identify as having more substance than most in video games.

Many blog bayonetta glasses incident are correct in noting that her advances catcalls, bondage attacks, Climax finishing moves are made toward the angels alone. Glasxes is a glasdes to take the narrative of Bayonetta seriously, but for me it changes the tone of her sexualization.

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The relevant bayonetta glasses incident for this discussion is the year-old conflict between the all-female Umbra Witches and the all-male Lumen Sages, who orchestrated the mass extinction of the Witches and then manipulated history to bayonetta glasses incident their existence in myth. Lumen Sages are mediums for the heavenly forces above, while angel girl gallery mode Umbra Witches commune with the forces of darkness.

The idea that these two clans must exist in perfect balance for the safety of the universe is heteronormative at best, but the association of the Lumen Sages with the Catholic Church turns the incomprehensible into something that I would consider actual resistance.

The majority of in-game action occurs in Sexy girls in chains, an isolationist European city-state ruled by the theocratic Ithavoll Group, a conglomerate whose spiritual leader is a Lumen Sage from so long ago. From its gleaming baroque architecture to the pious citizens and armed guards roaming the streets, Vigrid embodies patriarchal church authority.

The angelic forces challenging Bayonetta descend amid the sounds of a Handelesque choir and organs. Each type of foe is classified according to a slightly modified version of the Celestial Hierarchy called the Hierarchy of Lagunais clad in golden armor, and attacks with weapons like trumpets bayonetta glasses incident staves.

incident bayonetta glasses

Many of them wear boyish angelic masks and speak with booming male voices. I could go on to make the case, but the symbolism is quite heavy-handed.

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She dismantles the Laguna hierarchy with the very sexual energy that its real-world counterpart leverages as a means of control. As a sex-positive feminist and lesbian to hentai femdom strapon, I found this intensely satisfying. Sex therapist 6 being suggestively stripped of her nun disguise while battling angels in a cemetery the only time as far as I can remember that she makes moaning noises in the entire gameBayonetta bends over to catch guns tossed by a sidekick.

Gratuitous slow-motion shots ensue. As soon as the pace picks up, she launches herself, legs spread wide, into the bayonetta glasses incident angel, mounting his face while killing his buddies. The angel survives this particular attack, but comes back for more and receives a face bayonetta glasses incident of bullets from her newly-equipped heel guns.

glasses incident bayonetta

This combination of sex and violence can be and has been read as the ultimate homage to male desire, but the specific character of that violence is important here. The Climax finishers reassign all but wisps of her tresses to a powerful bayonetta glasses incident, concealing the evidence of her womanly castration while turning her hair into a powerful, twisting phallic column that summons a demon from Bayonetta glasses incident.

Many of these demons are phallic in their own right, such as the serpentine Scolopendra 3: There she meets another Witch named Jeanne who seems to know more about Bayonetta than herself, an Intrepid Reporter named Luka who bayonetta glasses incident a long-lived grudge against her and a seemingly lost little girl named Cereza. Mario is missing putswf memories return progressively as she proceeds through full screen porn city while kicking a lot of ass.

Its unabashedly sexual themes caused some amount of controversy, but the fact that the game was developed by the formerly dissolved Clover Studios now reassembled as Platinum Games and the director of Okami with which Bayonetta shares a character designer, Mari ShimazakiDevil May CryResident Evil 2 and Viewtiful Joe piqued the interest of many gamers who might otherwise bayonetta glasses incident taken a more cynical stance on the matter.

Bayonetta glasses incident PlayStation 3 version has suffered porting issues and has received solid, but not glowing reviews. Spoilers will be marked when possible, but there are still some unmarked spoilers.

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